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Face Sitting Kuala Lumpur Escort Service

One of the most common and requested forms of sex for our clients is oral sex. It’s all about giving your partner intense pleasure with your tongue and mouth. It’s not unusual to encounter people who climax more readily during oral sex than during traditional intercourse. But you shouldn’t think oral sex is dull because there are many variations, some even very extreme that can make it even more alluring and unforgettable.

We pay close attention to each individual’s preferences, and we recognize that everyone is eager to experience face sitting the final frontier of oral sex! Because of this, we have developed a brand-new service for oral sex lovers. The face-sitting KL escort service. With this service, anyone may use this cutting-edge method to enhance and even surpass oral sex sensation!

Read this post to learn everything you need to know about our face-sitting KL escort service and decide whether you want to benefit from this lovely and unique service.

How Does a Face-Sitting KL Escort Service Operate?

One of the most popular forms of sex is oral sex. We decided to develop a brand-new service that combined oral sex with a bit of dominance. Face-sitting was the perfect way to make things kinky. The face is seated You may witness this amazing service firsthand with KL escort service. This is where the escort girl of your choice will sit on your face.

Yes, you read correctly. The KL escort you have selected to have this service provided for will sit on top of you, her shaved pussy linked to your lips. You will be overwhelmed by the girl’s weight and dominance throughout the service. You have no choice but to lick her asshole and cross your fingers for an impending climax so it comes off your face. This is a very special form of service that combines dominance, oral sex, and women’s control over males.

Our escort ladies enjoy having their pussies licked on any occasion, especially during the face-sitting KL escort service, which has garnered positive feedback from many of our customers. We’re not sure what is more exciting than having a female almost sit on you, eager to lick her pussy all night. We’re confident you’ll value this newly added service we provide to all of our clients.

All you have to do to get this service is pick your favorite female and let us know that you would like it in addition to the other services you have bought, like the standard package that includes regular sex and blowjobs with condoms or anal sex.

Tell us where and when you would like this service to be performed, and we will make the necessary arrangements. Additionally, the escort cutie you’ve selected for the face-sitting service offered by KL escort services will give her pussy the finest care exclusively for you!

Activities for Face-Sitting KL Escort Service

A significant amount of influence can be exercised by the KL escort over the man through this service. To provide the highest quality of service and safeguard our KL escort girl’s health, we set several guidelines.

The following actions should be taken to guarantee the best service.

Liking the KL escort’s pussy in a specific position is part of the face-sitting KL escort service experience. You won’t even be able to execute 69, and there isn’t any other sexual performance. You must spend more and purchase services specifically designed for this kind of sex to obtain it.

  • The KL escort girl’s weight on her lips and nose poses a slight risk of suffocation and breathing difficulties. This is notwithstanding the extreme difficulty of such an occurrence. Establish a customary gesture with the KL escort who will provide the service in case you cannot breathe normally to reduce any risk. Even if such a scenario is extremely unlikely, use it before you are in peril.
  • You can touch the Kuala Lumpur escort’s ass or her tits if you can.
  • Use professional mouthwash and toothpaste to thoroughly clean your teeth to reduce infection risk.

Face Sitting KL Escort Service: Things Not To Do

This service is mostly intended for those who enjoy having women lick their pussies and gently dominate them. We’ve discussed how to look gorgeous when sitting with a KL escort. Now we’ll look at what not to do if our service suffers.

  • We ask that you refrain from asking the KL escort for oral sex as you cannot obtain it during this service.
  • It is permitted to lick the chosen escort’s pussy throughout this service. Using your fingers to masturbate is impossible.
  • You are not eligible to request a blowjob or switch to 69 if you have not paid for any previous oral sex services.
  • Using a customary gesture is the simplest method of ending the service. If you haven’t performed the customary gesture previously agreed upon, stay away from moving the girl.
  • You are not permitted to take pictures or films throughout this service or the entire KL Escort experience.
  • The highest level of education and respect for KL escorts providing this service.

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