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5 Ways to Enhance Your Escort Date Experience


Arrive on time! Though it might seem obvious, you might be shocked at how many customers show up for their appointments late! This is a major time waster. It helps them synchronize your start time, as your KL escort girl will most likely show up on time. This is crucial since the Kuala Lumpur escort might not wait for you to arrive forever because they might have another appointment to attend. We advise customers to contact the agency as soon as possible if they anticipate being late. This is so that we may inform the KL escort to adjust their plans accordingly.

Go To A Restaurant

All of our escorts in Kuala Lumpur provide dinner dates. Your home or hotel room might be the prearranged location for our KL escorts to meet you, or they can meet you at the restaurant. Since it’s a more discreet and practical place to exchange money for the reservation, as an agency, we favor the latter. After the money has been processed, our escort will accompany you to the restaurant. To avoid embarrassing situations for our Kuala Lumpur escort or the customer, we aim to avoid taking payments in eateries or public areas. We advise clients to make a night of it and reserve five hours. This begins with a dinner date and concludes with a few hours of alone time in your house or hotel room. Please don’t hesitate to contact our reception if you need recommendations for a restaurant for your KL escort date.

Private Home or Hotel Appointments

Bookings for private appointments are the most common kind. Our KL escort girls are happy to meet you at your hotel or residence. Our service takes great pride in maintaining confidentiality, so your neighbors or hotel staff won’t even know they’ve arrived. Please provide our receptionist with as much pertinent information as you can if you live in a difficult-to-find location for home visits.

To make sure you smell great and bring along a lovely bottle of wine for the two of you to enjoy, we advise you to take a shower or bath before the appointment. Our KL escort girls greatly appreciate your kindness. Please do not take it personally against our Kuala Lumpur escort if she drives herself and only has one glass of wine. We recommend that you pay your KL escort girl within the first ten minutes of the appointment. We encourage clients to have cash ready upon arrival.

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